Michael O’Halloran


This novel written by Gene Stratton-Porter in 1915 tells the story of an orphaned newspaper boy in Indiana and his adventures helping others. After meeting a little crippled girl, he begins to make plans for a new life. He becomes a leader of the community and brings joy to all.

Buy on Amazon (By the way, this is a very odd copy of the book. It is 8×10 with very very small writing. It is the only one I can find to purchase online, however. I am reading the free digital copy, but would love to find a copy in a used book store – the hunt continues!)

Free Digital Copy

Book Club Information

Date and Time: October 19, 2021 @ 5 PM PT / 8 PM PT for one hour

Zoom Link

Send your comments and/or questions about the book before we meet: info@dobsonstpublising.com

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