Clara’s Journal Book Club

Join us for the Clara’s Journal Book Club, where we will read and discuss the novels that Clara reads in 1918 and 1919. Some are more well known than others but they all have an interesting backstory, were popular when published, and provide a unique window into life in the United States over one hundred years ago.

We will meet every two months on Zoom (beginning on August 17th – and we will start with a discussion of Clara’s Journal!) for an opportunity to discuss our reactions to the novels and to find answers to questions we might have.

If you want any other information, contact us HERE. Or if you want to purchase Clara’s Journal, order HERE.

You can join any or all of the sessions. We’d love to have your input!

Clara’s Journal8/17/215 PM PT/8 PM ETVideo
Michael O’Halloran10/19/215 PM PT/8 PM ETHere
Seventeen12/14/215 PM PT/8 PM ETHere
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come2/15/225 PM PT/8 PM ETHere
Linda: or the Young Pilot of Belle Creole4/19/225 PM PT/8 PM ETHere
Robert Graham6/21/225 PM PT/8 PM ETHere
Joan of Arc8/23/225 PM PT/8 PM ETHere
Once to Every Man *** date change12/13/225 PM PT/8 PM ETHere
Red Pepper Burns *** date change2/21/235 PM PT/8 PM ETHere

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